Vertical Turbine Pumps

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Crane Deming Pumps logo
Crane Deming Pumps offer a complete line of vertical turbine pumps from 4″ to 28″, with capacities from 10 GPM to over 17,000 GPM. Pumps are available in a wide variety of options, from standard packed box to their own Liquid Lock Design for columns up to 8″ diameter.

Liquid-Locking Design
This sealing method is accomplished by a column bowl with relief ports mounted below the discharge head. Enclosed line-shaft construction is used above the column bowl, standard open lineshaft below. As fluid travels through the column bowl, a small amount of leakage occurs between the shaft and lower throttle bearing.

This leakage reaches the relief ports and drains back into the suction vessel. A shaft-mounted slinger aids in expelling the leakage. A second throttle bearing and internal relief port provide added deterrence against leakage. As a final precaution, a sensor can be attached to the discharge head in critical applications to detect any leakage before it can result in a surface spill.

Also available is the driving force behind any pump – a quality motor:

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A complete line of Baldor motors from fractional HP up to 500 HP, with a large selection of drives.