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Cat Pumps are triplex, positive displacement, reciprocating, high pressure pumps. They are the most cost-effective design for achieving high efficiency and low pulsation. Although we can operate down to 1/4 GPM and 100 PSI, the majority of our applications are at much higher flows and pressures.

The output (flow) of a positive displacement pump is directly proportional to the operating RPM. If the pump RPM increases by 20%, the flow out the pump will increase by 20%. The pressure is adjusted by the amount of restriction in the discharge line, typically by a regulator or unloader, nozzle(s) or trigger gun(s) or a combination of devices.

Each Cat Pump has three synchronized piston (plunger) rods, referred to as a triplex design, delivering a smooth, consistent flow. Cat Pumps are 30-50% more efficient than most pumps and the triplex design reduces 90% of the pulsation common in all three piston (plunger) pump designs.

The Cat Pumps have been designed for continuous-duty performance. They are capable of pumping non-abrasive, moderate pH liquids including city water, filtered reclaim water, oils, cleaning solutions, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, seawater, dionized (D.I.) water, pharmaceutical products and some food products at moderate to high pressures. They are also suitable for pumping liquids at high temperature and where extremely high inlet pressure is required to maintain liquidity.

New market needs were met with the addition of new, larger capacity pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Cat Pumps acquired Ram Pumps of the U.K. adding several new frame sizes of large capacity pumps up to 660 GPM, 18,000 PSI. These pumps offer 316SSL, carbon steel, duplex alloy or hasteloy construction and meet API 674 standards required by the oil and gas market.

Since 1963, Chem/Meter pumps have been providing metering pump users with highly accurate, responsive and leak-free solutions to industry’s most demanding process and OEM applications. Designed in response to users’ needs for a higher degree of reliability, Chem/Meter delivers these solutions in highly engineered or off-the-shelf packages that incorporate the latest in electronic automated control, leak detection and modular steady flow performance. Chem/Meter offers a complete line of diaphragm metering pumps covering a full hydraulic envelope, a wide range of liquid end styles and materials of construction enabling the injection of virtually any liquid and complete set of options to accommodate any external process condition or automation requirement.

Chem/Meter delivers performance under pressure. Today Chem/Meter is the only manufacturer to have achieved the quality necessary to meet the demanding ASME® N-Stamp certification for nuclear service. This level of quality is incorporated throughout the Chem/Meter range, and is thereby offered with an industry leading two-year warranty.

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A compact sealless pump delivery quiet, dependable metering.